About Us


Passion and technology , are the ingredients that gave birth to the project HD Models (Highly Detailed Models).

Years of Passion for model merged with the 3D technology , and new frontiers were opened in the world of scale model , resulting in Modelling 2.0..
We have no limits in proposing at any scale accessories, figurines , busts and everything else, is that we produce on commission.

  • Making accurate historical-uniformology research, the kits are designed in order to maintain accurate historical fidelity, optimizing the details for printing even on a larger scale, we have also printed our models in 1/6 and 1/4 scale.
  • Modeling subjects highly detailed, for example gratings and grids or special textures in the right thickness or relief. Compared to a photo-etched, the piece is slightly more expensive but three- dimensional and full of details.
  • Making 3D scans
  • We print the subjects with professional 3D printers, the masters are 3D printed at very high resolution, then they are reprinted in resin.
  • We carry out 3D modeling and printing service on specific customer request
  • Our products are modeled in 1/1 scale, so they can be scaled to your liking. This allows us to produce custom orders. For example: a 1/35 scale fountain can also be printed in 54mm, 75mm, 90mm to be proportionate to figures.
  • We are always looking for new ideas to develop to expand our catalog and provide the customer everything he may need.

Meet Our Leaders

HD Models Team



Expert in the 3D printers and scanners sector. He takes care of the business plan, relations with the modeling world and marketing of HD Models. AFV modeller and creator of scenes and dioramas published in the most important model magazines, with national and international awards, he is the founder with Vincenzo of 3DZ Roma s.r.l.



Expert in the 3D printer sector with care for the commercial and administrative aspects of HD Models. Founder together with Fabio of 3DZ Roma s.r.l.



Specialized in 3D modeling and rendering, from his first steps in the world of design obtains satisfactions and a large multinational acquires his project for the recharging of electric vehicles created for the thesis. Great lover of sci-fi and video games. When he meets Fabio and Vincenzo he begins to collaborate with HD Models and 3DZ Roma LTD.